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Founded in 2020, Denver Families Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering public school families, educators, and community members in Denver. 


Denver Families Action believes that every child deserves access to a high-quality public education that draws out their inherent greatness. Denver Public Schools (DPS) is well known for its open enrollment system where traditional district-run, innovation, and public charter schools all coexist in one district. Denver Families Action works with communities across all of these governance models. We believe that authentic community engagement is the pathway to elevating the quality of all public school models in Denver, leading to a future where all DPS students, regardless of their background, have access to the highest quality public education.


Denver Families Action also endorses and supports candidates and issues that align with our values - educational equity, student success, and community engagement. In July of this year, we launched an endorsement process for the DPS Board of Education, which included a comprehensive questionnaire and interview with a panel of DFA staff and DPS families, graduates, teachers, and school leaders. 


This election we endorsed three highly qualified community leaders for the Denver School Board of Education: Marlene De La Rosa for District 5, Kimberlee Sia for District 1, and John Youngquist for At-Large. We heard from the community that they were looking for highly credible leaders with proven track records in public education, and in response, Denver Families Action endorsed three candidates who bring decades of experience working in and in support of DPS schools. Marlene, Kimberlee, and John are the only candidates in their races with this experience and bring the vision to transform board leadership and shape a better future for DPS families. 

Meet Our Team

Lela Johnston
Clarence Burton Jr.
Cody Ostenson
Felipe Vieyra
Aaron Lombardi
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P: 720-916-3229

3000 Lawrence Street, Denver, Colorado 80205

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