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LEAD Fellowship 2024-2025

Cultivating Education Champions!

LEAD Fellowship 2024-2025 Application

Section 1: Applicant Information

Date of Birth

Section 2: Application Submissions

#1 | Written Response Questions: Please respond to each of the following questions. For each question, aim for responses of approximately 500 words. Upload your completed responses using the file upload field below.

  1. Why are you interested in the LEAD Fellowship? What in your background motivates you to apply? 

  2. What are your aspirations for what you would like to accomplish as a leader in public education over the next five years? What are your hopes for how the LEAD Fellowship would better prepare you to elevate your leadership in public education? 

  3. What are the most critical issues facing Denver public education? 

  4. The LEAD Fellowship builds knowledge, skill, and leadership capacity in the areas of education policy, effective board governance, and political campaigns. In which of these areas do you feel like you bring the most expertise, and why? In which areas would you be looking to grow in, and how?

#2 | Resume: In addition to the written response questions above, please attach a recent copy of your resume using the file upload field below.

The 2024-2025 LEAD Fellowship will equip emerging public education advocates with the skills and knowledge to effectively lead the next wave of education advocacy in Denver. LEAD Fellows receive a stipend for the seven month program that is designed to provide an intentional space for LEADers to think critically about the evolving challenges and opportunities within Denver's education landscape.

The LEAD Fellowship takes place from October 2024 to May 2025, and is comprised of two parts: 

  • Beginning in October, LEAD Fellows will work with local and national experts to deepen their understanding of Denver Public Schools, public education policy, and school board governance and best practices. This includes a "Field Trip" to another large, urban school district to learn how advocates around the country are meeting the call to reimagine public education. 

  • Beginning in February, LEAD Fellows explore the fundamentals of political campaigns and consult veteran political and campaign professionals on the intersection of education policy and education politics. This is includes our second "Field Trip" to the mountains for a multi-day retreat. 

Interested in applying? 

Applicants can expect to participate in an application and interview process that includes a written application (see below), a phone interview, and a group interview. 

  • Priority Deadline: Apply by June 9th, 2024

  • Final Deadline: Apply by September 8th, 2024

Note: We are unable to accept current candidates for elected office as LEAD Fellows. 

Questions?  Contact Cody Ostenson, Director of External Affairs, at!

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