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Denver Families Action Unveils Attitudinal Poll on Denver Public Schools

Poll reveals half of Denver voters view DPS School Board unfavorably

DENVER, August 22, 2023 – Denver Families Action, a community organization dedicated to empowering public school families, educators, and community members in Denver, conducted a survey of likely voters for the 2023 Denver Board of Education election. The results of the poll show the concern of local voters heading into the new school year.

The poll indicates a stark contrast in public sentiment towards the Denver School Board, compared to the school district itself and new Denver Mayor Mike Johnston.

According to the data, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston enjoys a high popularity rating, with a 71% favorable view among voters. Similarly, schools within the district also received positive feedback, with a 59% favorable rating.

However, the Denver School Board is viewed unfavorably by 50% of likely Denver voters, while just 30% have a favorable opinion of the School Board. This negative sentiment extends across all parties and age groups. Even more telling, parents view the School Board unfavorably by nearly a three-to-one ratio.

Very favorable and very unfavorable attitudes toward the school board are in sharp polarity from one another. The high-level breakdown of the School Board's ratings is as follows:

  • Very favorable: 3%

  • Somewhat favorable: 27%

  • Somewhat unfavorable: 29%

  • Very unfavorable: 21%

The negative attitudes are specifically targeted toward the School Board, indicating a clear distinction in public opinion between the Board and the overall district.

These results are based on a poll of 500 likely November 2023 voters conducted by Keating Research. The poll was conducted from July 25 - 31, 2023 and the results have a margin of error of +/- 4.4 points.

This November, Denver voters will have the opportunity to alter the makeup of the school board in the 2023 Board of Education election. Denver Families Action will be endorsing and supporting candidates and issues that prioritize educational equity, student success, and community engagement, believing in the power of community voice and active participation in shaping a better future for Denver's children.

About Denver Families Action

Denver Families Action is a community organization dedicated to empowering public school families, educators, and community members in Denver. Through active engagement, advocacy, and endorsement of education-focused policies and candidates, Denver Families Action strives to create a more equitable and successful educational environment for all Denver students. For more information about Denver Families Action and its upcoming endorsements, please visit

Lela Johnston

August 24, 2023 at 10:00:00 PM

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